Journal Entry – 07022016

Journal Entry – 07022016

This week quite busy and it even bleed into the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, I installed a Velcro script with a rubber band underneath and strips of paper to help me with my bow hold and finger positioning on my cello. I have gotten used to having those things. I think for the Velcro I will keep it on the bow, but the strips of paper, I am thinking of removing it in the next few weeks to make me depend on my ears as I have been noticing that I have being depend on touch. I have happy that my playing has improved and reading sheet music with out the numbers has been becoming easier for me. Although, since next week is the start of my vacation and really practice playing my cello!

Cassie and I have been busy though this week, but we are able to spend time at night together and even talk about work, me finding a new job, or events that are happening in our lives. This weekend, I was hopping that she would come with me to play Magic The Gathering with Jim and Adrian, but she was not able to as she had to work. Although it was great see Kert and Kristy again! Cassie and I went to a BBQ with my friends in San Jose. It seems like my friends and Cassie got along well and we had a lot of fun! We all talked, ate, and laugh together!

Roopa’s BBQ Party

My project for this site is really coming together now, expectantly with wordpress. Ansible automation for the base configuration is coming along, and services are moving to a much better place. The articles on wordpress are coming together as well, and I will replace dokuwiki with wordpress. I feel a lot better using wordpress than dokuwiki as it never really satisfied my needs as wordpress does. I guess to some extent I am abie to personize it and make it more of my own that what I did with dokuwiki.

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