Month: October 2018

Journal Entry – 10152018

Journal Entry – 10152018

This month, I completed my psychical therapy for my neck and upper back. It feels sooo… much better and stronger than before. I was giving some exercises to help maintain it. In addition, they gave me a shirt that on the back it says “If broke, return to Apex Therapy.” I’m going to see Dr. Chien in December to follow-up.

Since I could remember, I’ve had Kaiser all of my life, but I decided to switch to Blue Shield. Since I’m using a different medical provider, I’m trying to migrate my old medical records from Kaiser to Blue Shield. I had to fill out the forum with my birth date, medical record number, and what information I want to Blue Shield to have. Which I find it interesting because the options provided were “Last two years” or “Specified” and I was thinking that if I choose “Last two years” that I might get only a year worth of records. Since I have not been with kaiser for a year now and the staff might look at the forum and think “hrmm… OK, I’m going to set the date from Nov 15th, 2017 to Nov 15th, 2018” and I would only get a year worth of records on a DVD.

Last, I’m going to be in London, UK this month with Stef, and really excited. I’m going to be there for a week and I’m going to do a lot of stuff! Like sightseeing, eating (Hello pubs), and not having to worry about work (pss… boss if you’re reading this sorry I deleted all of my emails. JK). A few things that I hope to see is the giant clock tower that looks a grandfather’s clock but bigger called Big Ben, Castles, and Harry Potter. Stef and I did our research on how to get around in London and we got an Oyster card where we can use it to pay for our bus and subway fare and All so, in London they have Uber (Though I’m not a fan of Uber, I like Lyft better) that we can use to get around as well if we can not use the bus nor subway system.


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