Month: October 2017

Journal Entry – 10242017

Journal Entry – 10242017

At work, My company is moving to a new building. I do not mind the company moving, but the fact that the company is moving to a location where it does not have easy access to public transportation. I’m not thrilled about it, as I’m trying to depend less on my car and more on the public transportation for me to get to work. I have thought of move to another company, like another startup that’s closer to home and where I can still take public transportation. But, I will hold off for the time being and see how I feel about the new location and how it works for me.

I met a new group of friends though meetup. I met them though the Grand Hot Pot Lounge in San Francisco. Where we kinda of hit off. I met Ah. She walked us though on what to do at the table, how long does each meat cook for, how long does each vegetable cook for, etc. Then There is Steph. Her and I talked a wide range of topics and towards the end of the night we started to be friends. I asked for her phone so that we can hangout together and talk some more! I all so met Will, Mar, Cat, and Mar. At the restaurant we sing karaoke and I got to sing Party like it’s 1999. I realized I’m a bit rusty and I do not think I did much justice for the song, but I had fun singing it.

I decided to try Irish dancing this month. In Downtown Sunnyvale at Lilly Mac’s Irish Pub. There was a four-day dance lesson into Irish dancing.¬†The instructor walked us though the fundamentals of Irish set dance, from basic footwork to the essential group patterns, all the way through dancing a complete set with your classmates! It challenging at first as I do not do a lot of dancing in my life. Once I got the basics down, it became easier as time goes on. The class was structure so that the¬†inexperienced can dance as well. The songs that were played for the dances, I think they were traditional Irish songs which some of the songs were really fast and hard to keep up. I really enjoyed it, and I notice that they offer a Tuesday night dance lessons as well, and I thinking that I will do that as well!


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