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Journal Entry – 1082017

Journal Entry – 1082017

I came across with old friends that I have not seen in a long time. The first person is Mo. I first met her in high school. We would take the bus together. For a long time we were really close friends, but gradually we grow a part as our lives changed. I came across an old massages from her that’s buried in Facebook messaging. I decided to message her and say hi. We talked about what is going on with our lives, and anything interesting that we did recently. I’m Hopping that Mo and I can stay in-touch and rekindle that friendship that we once had. Another person I came across is Meet D. He and I met though a meetup in the geek club south bay. Where the first time I met him is though a mini golfing event. I saw him last week at a board game event at Isle of Gamers and we talked about up’s going on with our lives and some of the games that were available. I was hopping that someone would bring the game Secret Hitler as it was a fun game. But, I got to play 7 Wonders with friendly people and that I came in third place! I went to Oktoberfest that was in my town. It was a lot of fun and the Sausages and beer were really good! I realized after a days later, a girl I met on the meetup event was flirting with me. I did not realize it at first. Initially, she sat across from me, then half way though the event, she came to next to me, talk to me, and when there was a song she wanted to dance, she would grab my hand to dance with her. It was flattering, but nothing become out of it. I also made a new friend at the event as well and I added him to my Facebook friends.

Recently, there has been a lot of racism, misogyny, and hate on the media. I was surprise to hear the same insane right-wing talking points that were not just from my country, but from other countries like Canada, UK, or Ireland and how there views where hateful and hurtful towards groups of people. I do not agree at all with their ideas and to some extent I feel that some of(if not all) of their talking points ought be censored as it seems to encourages violence. For example, I remember hearing that Gays, lesbians, LGBT, etc.. should be put into concentration camps. Or that, woman should not have the same rights as men or hold a political office. That’s insane! It really saddens and upsets me to know that there are people who think it’s a good idea to treat people in such a hurtful way. Personally I have a wonderful brother who is gay and wonderful girls in my life(my mom, female friends, etc..) that I adore. I still hope that humanity will take shape like in Star Trek, where people got along with kindness and understanding and enrich themselves not though wealth and greed, but though experience and knowledge.

I have started to clean the house; It’s a slow progress, but things are starting to look better now. There are still issues that I still need to tackle. For example, dusting, getting ride of old stuff that I do not use anymore, and getting the carpet shampoo. I’m starting to feel better about the house as it’s starting to look better now. I have started to exercise more often now. I am starting to walk an hour a day and all though it’s not consistent at what time I do walk, it feel like it has been helpful so far.


Journal Entry – 07092016

Journal Entry – 07092016

I have now replace dokuwiki with wordpress, and so far I am happier with wordpress than with dokuwiki. I feel that it makes it easier for me to focus on what matters more than spending time trying to fiddle with a bunch of stuff and not really accomplishing alot. Ansible is coming along slowly and I will update my progress on the Ansible post. I have already started thinking about moving my mail system from postfix/devcot -> postfix/dbmail.

On the cello front, I found a new youtube channel Sarah Joy Music Tutorials/Music Videos some of the tutorials she posts very helpful to me. For example, the stretching exercise she has posted on her site or Five practicing mistakes. On Suzuki Book #2 Minuet #3 I have been practicing that for two months now, and I feels like I am getting better with it. It definitely a challenging piece along with the pieces that my teacher, Mr. Ma, has me working on as well. But, I feel good about. Although, I am thinking of posting some of my playing on youtube and sharing with my friends!

I met with my Jessica this week for our session. Most of the time during our session we talk about my journal and what does it mean to me, what is the goal of it, and what do I expect to get out of it. The goal is to understand why do I overreact to curtain issues, to help me understand about it and how to deal with it, and what I want to get out of it to be a better person. We have mention that we may need to change the focus from Relationship coach to psychotherapy. I felt that at first I did not need it, that I am ok without it. But, now thinking about, I guess maybe I should venture into it deeper to see if I can have a healthier relationship with my self. In addition, try to deal or come to terms with the unstructured parts of my life or events in my life. I guess time will only tell to see how this will work out for me.

So, Cassie and I decided to expand our family and now where adopting a cat. Her name is potato.

Female Siamese Brown 2 years old
Female, Siamese, Brown, 2 years old

I am still a little apprehensive about potato, but excited to adapt! I have talk to my friends about adopting a cat they give me a few advice here and there. More news to come!

I got play Magic night with Ian, Adrian, and Jim! It was a great time playing with them, although I have to admit, I was getting murdered in the game as I could not keep a creature in play for more than two turns. But, in the end, it really did not matter if I win or lose, spending time with my friends or my girlfriend Cassie means a lot more! I also, schedule a romantic evening with Cassie on the 15th of this month at the McCormick and Schmicks restaurant in San Jose. I’m excited about it and it’s been a long time since we have one.

Journal Entry – 07022016

Journal Entry – 07022016

This week quite busy and it even bleed into the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, I installed a Velcro script with a rubber band underneath and strips of paper to help me with my bow hold and finger positioning on my cello. I have gotten used to having those things. I think for the Velcro I will keep it on the bow, but the strips of paper, I am thinking of removing it in the next few weeks to make me depend on my ears as I have been noticing that I have being depend on touch. I have happy that my playing has improved and reading sheet music with out the numbers has been becoming easier for me. Although, since next week is the start of my vacation and really practice playing my cello!

Cassie and I have been busy though this week, but we are able to spend time at night together and even talk about work, me finding a new job, or events that are happening in our lives. This weekend, I was hopping that she would come with me to play Magic The Gathering with Jim and Adrian, but she was not able to as she had to work. Although it was great see Kert and Kristy again! Cassie and I went to a BBQ with my friends in San Jose. It seems like my friends and Cassie got along well and we had a lot of fun! We all talked, ate, and laugh together!

Roopa’s BBQ Party

My project for this site is really coming together now, expectantly with wordpress. Ansible automation for the base configuration is coming along, and services are moving to a much better place. The articles on wordpress are coming together as well, and I will replace dokuwiki with wordpress. I feel a lot better using wordpress than dokuwiki as it never really satisfied my needs as wordpress does. I guess to some extent I am abie to personize it and make it more of my own that what I did with dokuwiki.

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