Journal Entry – 09152018 Back Pain (Continue…)

Journal Entry – 09152018 Back Pain (Continue…)

A while go, I got to see my spinal doctor again and we reviewed the MRI scan together. From what we learn from the MRI is that my lower neck/upper back, my disks between the neck bones have become herniated. Meaning that the disks are out-of-place and pressing against my spinal cord. The doctor says that it does not look too bad and I’ll make a full recovery. The numbness in my right arm feel like it’s back to normal and I do not feel any pain from back as well. I am for the time being, I’m doing some physical therapy to help strengthen my inner neck and my upper back muscles that help support my upper back and neck. My progress has been improving steadily and my back is feels much better because of the physical therapy I’m doing.

Since my back has healed, I started playing my cello again, I realize that I have to take it slow, be aware of my posture, and try to stay relax as possible. Because, I notice that when I’m practicing, I tense up. I start to feel a lot of discomfort in my upper back and have to stop practicing for the day. It goes the same for work as I have learned to relax and be mind full of my posture. I took some time on the weekend to improved my work space condition, I have a standing desk that I have adjusted to help me become more comfortable during work for longer hours. In addition, I got a floor mat to help me stand comfortably when I’m standing at my desk as well.

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