Journal Entry – 07312018 – Back Pain

Journal Entry – 07312018 – Back Pain

Last month, I’ve had really bad back pain. I remember waking up and feeling this intense feeling radiating on my upper right back between the spine and right shoulder. After awhile it grew very intense. I’ve called the doctor and advised to try a few things like to take a hot shower, try exercising it, and take 200mg of Ibuprofen. Yea, towards the end it felt like it was getting worse! I realized that I need to goto emergency care but there was a small problem once I grabbed my car keys. I can not really drive with a messed up back! Luckily there’s an emergency services in the downtown area were I live and it takes me 20 minutes for me to walk it. I finally got there, and I got admitted pretty quickly. The doctor haved me do some strength tests and she poked my back where it hurts. After she got finished diagnosing me, she concluded that I might haved a pinched nerve, muscle inflame and that I might haved some muscle injury too where the pain is on my back. So she tells me to take it easy, try to stretch it out, and take 600mg of Ibuprofen. In addition, she gives a few sheets of paper with instructions on what exercises that I need to do to help relieved my back pain. For the next few days. I had to try to stay off on my back, take the train(or bus) to work and stand most of the time while in at work.

A week gone by since the beginning of my back pain, and I notice that not only that my right arm still feels weak, but it tinges from time to time I would feel pain throughout my arm as well. So, I schedule a doctor’s appointment and I got to see the doctor see her on the same day. She did the same tests that the urgent care doctor but additionally she tested me to see if I can feel a sharp or dull object. Based on the tests, Not only I still have muscle weakness in my arm, but there might be loss of feeling as well. At this point, I’m thinking great my right is going to fall off my body.

So she refers me to a see a Spinal expert and to get an MRI. I’m all so thankful that my girlfriend helped me out by getting me a Chiropractor. The Chiropractor really helped me a lot! He helped re-aligned my back using various compression and decompression techniques and using some sort of ultra sonic machine as well. I manage to get an MRI done and looking at the report, It looks like one of my disk on my back got slightly out-of-place that might be causing some pressure on my nerve and there is some pressure on my nerve as well. I’m going to see the Spinal expert again soon and I’ll give an update on what happen.

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  1. Back pain can be really annoying.
    It can be nothing (mild inflammation), or it could be something (disk slip, nerve compression).
    Finding a good chiropractor is not easy, but once you find someone that know what they’re doing, they can be miracle workers.

    1. I’m fortunate I was able to find good help. I was worried all so, that I was going to get some expensive operation or medicine that I will find out later that I do not need.

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