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My Vow to my beautiful wife!

My Vow to my beautiful wife!

I’ve written this vow to my wife a little while ago. I told her about it and how it made me feel and how she means to me. I’m sharing this now. Oh, if my wifey is reading this, I’m excited and proud to be your husband!

The first time I met you, I was so happy that we met. When I dropped you off at your car, I knew I wanted to see again. After the second date, I started to fall in love and even to this day, I can still feel and remember that night when we had our first kiss. Even today my feeling for you have been growing stronger. I’m excited that on this day, we’re taking the next leap of our journey together.

And someone like Dr. Horrible might say:

This is a declaration of my love as your husband! I Frank, will be by your side for better or for worst. And, like a Klingon man about to become a husband. I swear to join you and stand with you against all who would oppose you. Even if that means against the most powerful super-villains in the world. I will cherish, honor you, and love for the rest of my life. For my heart only beats for you!

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