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Journal – 05172018 – Dr. Potato and Camping

Journal – 05172018 – Dr. Potato and Camping

I’m proud my cat and how much she has grew. When Potato (my cat) first came to my house, she was shy, kept to her self, and try to hide everywhere. She would try to hide under  shoes, under the couch cushions, and various corners in my house. Over time, she grew in ways that makes her more confident in her surroundings. I wonder if it’s because I would challenger her or  she just trusts me. I remember when I first took her to the vet in her carry-on. She would make all sorts of racket and sounds when she was in her carry-on. Now she seems calm and relax. She seems to become more receptive towards people, before in the beginning she would run and hide under the bed or under the dinner room table. She still runs at first, but she eventually comes out to scope out what’s going on. When I left her at a kitty hotel, she was a sweetheart and I found out that she like to nap in the carnival room. When I pick here up, I got to seen how she reacts to the staff at her kitty hotel. She did not try bite, claw, nor scratch the staff when they try to pick her up.

Dr. Potato

I went camping for three days some time back with Stef. We went camping by the Russian River which was fantastic as you smell the clean air, fresh water, and at night you can see the stars shine bright in the night sky. The temperature at camp site by the Russian River did not get too hot, but it did got cold at night. It was perfect weather to hiking and exploring and forgetting about technology. Stef and I worked together as team in getting the tent setup, making food, and building a fire together to help keep us warm at night. In addition, we took the time to plan out our meals. For breakfast, we would make oat meal and tea/coffee. For lunch, we hand cold cuts sandwiches. With my Cast Iron Grill, for dinner we cooked, chicken with baked beans, bison burgers with corn, and turkey hotdogs. It so good! Stef and I got slow down a bit from our busy lives. Just sit around and write by the fire or just talking was very pleasant. I would like to do it again sometime in the near future and do more hiking.

Journal Entry – 01282018

Journal Entry – 01282018

The main property

I went to the Land of Medicine Buddha in the mountains of Santa Cruz in December 10th. I plan this a while ago, to relax, slow down, clear/refocus my mind, and get away from civilization for a change. It’s really nice as I got a Yurt, breakfast, and lunch. I guess you can say in glam-ping! I got here on Sunday. I walked around the main part of the property and I saw they have a sauna, hot tub, and pool. There are Buddha status throughout the property and I notice on that they are on the side of the trail along with wind chimes which was quite relaxing. On the top of the mountain, There is a template, that is very spacious with a very large Buddha statue in the middle of the building at the top of the mountain.

I hiked a few of the different trails on the property. I hiked to the other side of the property to get to the other Yurts.. I looked around and it looked vacant. I found out later, that they were unavailable during the winter expect for yurt 8. There is a heater and a bed warmer which help me sleep though the cold night. Although I had a few nights were a small animal was breaking into my Yurt and eating my food that I had. Later on, I found out that it was a skunk that was breaking into my Yurt. I’m just glad I did not get spread on! Near the Yurt there is a bathroom with a shower. It was not too bad as it provided enough for me to brush my teeth and a hot shower when I need to.

The trails where nice. I spend a good amount of time hiking up and down the mountain and exploring. The trails can really give you a good workout. But, I think it was worth it. Breathing in the fresh air, feeling breeze go though you, feeling the ground beneath you, and hearing the different sounds from the forest. I did notice that there is a mountain lion in the area. I notice the lion growling at me as I was walk though a trail. I did not even see it, but I did hear it.

I Remembered Stef telling me that she lived in Santa Cruz and offered to show me around. I took her up on her offer and we were off! We went to the warf and saw Sea otters, we went to the beach, and gone to downtown Santa Cruz. In addition, also Stef recommended a few places as well.Gayle’s Bakery & Rosticceria is a place where you can get sandwiches and already made meals. Mission St BBQ serves BBQ which is pretty good! And, Betty Burgers is pretty good as well!

I did some meditation, Qi Gong, thinking, and Dharma Program about illusion. The programs were fun and interesting to part take in. The monks were pleasant to talk to and helpful. It definitively gave me something to think about more about the teachings of Buddha. In addition, brought my cello with me and started to work on the next piece Ave Maria by Franz Schubert. Which I’m glad I brought it, being able to play in a different setting such as a forest was quite nice to do.

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